Writing Thesis Statements & Topic Sentences

okay so what we talked about today was thesis statement huh how can I focus on my thesis statement when I’m trying to decide which guy today okay this could be a good chance for me to get my thoughts straight I have two great guys in my life that I care about they both say they love me but I can only choose one now how should I get started Estela you can start by prewriting list as many qualities as you can think of for each guy redwood is great he’s really sweet super smart and very mature however there is that whole he wants to drink my blood and could possibly kill me down the road thing but what about Jack Jack is so sweet he’s been my friend for years he will always be there to protect me from getting hurt but he’s also dangerous and he even gets himself into more integer right I have two guys I can’t choose between and they’re both dangerous what am I supposed to do oh I’m kind of lost is this English class Wow a nice arm a guy who is not a supernatural creature and is less likely to kill me I should totally go out with him I could actually have a normal relationship with him now that I’ve done some prewriting about all three guys I’m ready to write my thesis what did the teacher say about thesis statements again a thesis statement is a complete sentence that states the main idea of your paper it appears at the end of your introduction and it usually lists your main points these main points will become topic sentences in the body of your paper I should date the new guy because he’s nice possesses no supernatural powers and does not drink blood or eat raw animals there I have my thesis now for the top of sentences the new guy is very nice he does not have any supernatural powers that could kill me and the new guy does not drink blood or eat raw animals sometimes it’s better to date a normal guy than a vampire or a werewolf you

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