Vacation: less planning – less stress

Ahead of the long -awaited vacation season, and with it inevitable stress. Well, judge for yourself: so much you need to take into account, do not forget, control: leave the house in time so as not to be late to the airport, do not forget your passport and tickets, and in place to have time to see everything that you planned … A traveler with Jeffrey Morrison is sure that oneOf the best ways to reduce stress while traveling is to plan less and surrender to the power of spontaneity.

Imagine: you are on the beach, under your feet, snow -white sand. You are blown by a light breeze, sea turquoise caresses a look. You sip a cocktail, hiding from the sun under a straw umbrella. The noise of the waves lulls, and before falling into a dream, you manage to think: here it is – paradise! Would stay here forever ..

Now imagine another picture. Also the beach, every square centimeter is occupied by someone’s bodies. Over the past five minutes, you shake sand from the hair for the tenth time: screaming teenagers frolic nearby, their ball is constantly landing next to you. The sea is nearby, but what! The waves are so powerful that swimming is clearly unsafe. In addition to everything at once, completely unbearable music roars of two columns.

Agree, it’s a shame: for months to plan a vacation on the first beach, and to be on the second. Two weeks of imprisonment in a lousy hotel far from the sea can turn out to be a real hell, but what can you do: you will not be returned for the hotel for the hotel. How could this

Si vous pensez que l’intérieur a été atterrissant qu’avant, c’est normal. Après le début de l’allaitement, la production d’œstrogènes diminue, ce qui signifie que les lubrifiants sont produits moins. Vous n’avez pas besoin de paniquer, surtout que ce problème est facile à résoudre. Essayez d’utiliser un lubrifiant ou un hydratant d’une longue action. Si cela n’a pas aidé – il y a des lubrifiants médicaux et des acheter viagra en ligne médicaux spéciaux avec des œstrogènes.

be avoided? Book the hotel only for the first few nights. Of course, many travelers, especially family ones, are horrified, and yet this is a way not to allow the circumstances to spoil the vacation.

No, you are not threatened with chaos

Gathering on the first long journey, I thought it would be nice to make the most detailed route. I booked several hostels, paid for flights and even a two-week tour of Southeast Asia. And what? Having made the first stop in Melbourne, I met absolutely incredible guys. We had a great time, but they stayed in Melbourne, and I had to fly on. A week later in Brisben, the story repeated. How then I cursed my “prudence”!

For the past five years, I have been trying to plan only the first few days of the trip. Fantastic possibilities are opening to me every now and then. In the French sherbur, I turned up excellent housing, and I stayed there longer than I was counting on. Going on a trip by car around England with friends, I met other travelers and went on with them. And I have left more than once ahead of time from those places that I should have liked, but for some reason they did not make a proper impression.

Oddly enough, with this approach there is almost no difficulties. Well, yes, it happens that there are no places in the hostel, the flight is too expensive or the tickets for the ferry have long been sold. But if this particular hotel or flight is not fundamental to you, you will always find a suitable replacement for them.

Important exception – trips to the islands. Tickets for planes and ferries cruising between them are sold quickly, and the purchase should not be postponed at the last moment. Also, sometimes at the passport control, they ask to show the return ticket or reservation of the hotel (at least for several nights).

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